Answer “yes” or “no” to the each of following questions.

        Keep count of your “yes” answers.

         1. After a full breakfast, do you get hungry before it's time for lunch?

         2. Do you have a difficult time stopping, once you start to eat starches, snack foods,

              junk food, or sweets?

         3. Do you sometimes feel unsatisfied even though you have just finished a meal?

         4. Does the sight, smell, or even the thought of food, sometimes stimulate you to eat?

         5. Do you sometimes eat even though you are not really hungry?

         6. Are you sometimes unable to keep from snacking at night?

         7. After a large meal, do you feel very sluggish, almost drugged?

         8. Do you get unexplainably tired and/or hungry in the afternoon?

         9. Have you at times continued eating even though you felt uncomfortably full?

        10. Have you been on diet after diet, only to lose weight then regain it again?


          Count your “yes” answers to the questions above.

            0 - 2 

           You do not appear to be addicted to carbs.

            3 - 4

            You appear to have a mild carb addiction which, at times,

            you may be able to control (although not at all times) and with some difficulty.

            5 - 7

            Your score indicates that you are moderately addicted to carbs. At times you may be

            able to control your eating but you may find that stress, premenstrual changes,

            tiredness, boredom, unexpressed anger or pressure may increase your carb cravings.

            8 - 10

            You have scored in the severe carbohydrate addiction range.

            You may be struggling to control your eating without realizing that your body has

            been fighting you, driving you to eat and then storing the excess food energy as fat.