Ten Surprising Facts About
Carbohydrate-Addicted Kids

  1. Kids who survive mainly on starches, snack foods, junk food, and sweets do NOT "naturally" outgrow it.
    (page 41*)

  2. Low-fat foods that are often high in carbos - especially simple sugars - can be a major step in the wrong direction for the carbohydrate-addicted kid.
    (page 266*)
  3. For many kids, lack of attention or motivation, learning problems, and mood swings are powerful, vital sings of low-blood-sugar levels.
    (page 63*)
  4. Being slim does not indicate that a youngster is addiction-free.
    (page 87*)

  5. Carbohydrate addiction is often a family; in some causes, however, it may "skip" many family members.
    (page 77*)

  6. While a preference for sweets or starchy foods may be natural, an intense or repeating craving for these foods is not.
    (page 40*)

  7. Intense and recurring cravings are themselves signs that a physical imbalance may exist and that it must be corrected.
    (page 46*)

  8. Sugar highs and sugar lows may literally be running and ruining your youngster's life.
    (page 119*)

  9. The human body was not designed to digest fruit juice without the pulp or to consume artificial sweeteners or soda or...candy!
    (page 195*)

  10. Carbohydrate addiction literally feeds itself.
    (page 70*)

*page numbers indicate where details may be found in the Hellers' book for parents of carbohydrate-addicted children and teens, Carbohydrate-Addicted Kids.

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