Stress-Eating can best be defined as the consumption of carbohydrate-rich and/or high-fat foods in response to mental, physical, or emotional stress.

Stress-eating is marked by a compelling hunger or by recurring, undeniable cravings that, initially, may be triggered by any of the following:

overwhelming responsibilities
unrelenting demands
a sense of powerlessness
unexpressed anger or frustration
emotional abandonment
fear and/or worry
lack of sleep
boredom, loneliness, or disappointment
loss of a loved one
the need for a reward
many prescription and over-the-counter medications
an unpleasant, messy, or disorganized environment
excessive noise, heat, or cold

Over time, an imbalance of hormones can trap the stresseater in a Stress-Eating Cycle that is
self-perpetuating when the initial stress trigger is no longer present.

The medical term for stress-eating is stress-induced hyperphagia, a condition that often goes undiagnosed and untreated.

Weight-loss diets do not address the physical cause of a stress-eater’s cravings, hunger, and tendency to put weight on easily. It is little wonder that, in the long run, these diets are virtually bound to fail.

THE STRESS-EATING CURE is a program specifically designed to return the body to an optimal hormonal balance. Once the physical cause of stress-eating is eliminated, stress-hunger, cravings, stress-eating, and weight problems disappear—naturally.

A simple, Step-by-Step Plan as well as a Quick-Start Plan work to correct the cause of stress-eating and offer an end to the Stress-Eating Cycle—without struggle or sacrifice—for life.

The strength, ease, and effectiveness of the Stress-Eating Cure Program lies in the fact that it was designed just for you, for your Stress-Eating Pattern, for your particular hormonal imbalance.

By eliminating the specific hormonal imbalance that is driving your stress-hunger, cravings, and weight gain, the Stress-Eating Cure Program, along with the individualized recommendations to come, can help you break free of your particular Stress-Eating Pattern and lose weight, without struggle or sacrifice.

Two plans in THE STRESS-EATING CURE, The Step-by-Step Plan and the Quick-Start Plan will guide you in choosing the best meals for including Balancing Foods and which meals should also include the Comfort Foods you love--every day!

Stress-Eating Busters will offer simple, fun solutions for getting rid of stress-related cravings and hunger and for avoiding weight-loss plateaus.

Stress-Eating is not a matter of will power; it's a matter of biology, pure and simple. When you correct the cause of the problem, the problem disappears, without struggle.

THE STRESS-EATING CURE has been designed to help bring your biology back into balance and, in doing so, to put an end to stress-related cravings, hunger, and the weight problems they bring, for life.


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