Stress-Eaters' bodies respond to stress very differently than do non-stress-eaters.

Stress-Eaters have a physical disorder. We know what causes it. We know how to correct it—without struggle, without sacrifice.

Stress hunger and cravings are usually signs of a powerful hormonal imbalance. The more powerful the hunger and cravings, the greater the hormonal imbalance.

Stress-Eaters are no more to blame for their hunger, cravings, and weight gain than they are for any other physical problem (though, with our program, there is now much they can do to eliminate the cause of the problem).

When you correct the hormonal cause of stress-eating, stress-hunger and cravings disappear—in a matter of days! Weight-loss follows naturally, without struggle and without deprivation.

If you are a Stress-Eater, your body is shaped, literally, by the hormones surging inside you.

For the stress-eater, typical diets of deprivation, weighing, measuring, , portion control, or food restriction or elimination, fail to correct the cause of the stress-eater’s hunger, cravings, and weight gain. These diets may do far more harm than good.

These diets often increase stress, lead to greater hormonal imbalances, more intense cravings and stress-hunger, and increase weight-gain rebound.

The Stress-Eating Cure is designed to correct the hormonal cause of stress-eating and the weight gain that follows. This program does not restrict the kinds of foods you eat. It does not limit portions. Stress-eaters enjoy the foods they love every day, in balance, without weighing, measuring, or portion control.

The Step-by-Step Plan and Quick-Start Plan that make up the Stress-Eating Cure are based on cutting-edge research that reveals that eating a Big Balanced Breakfast (or Alternative Meal) results in up to five times more weight loss than a low-carbohydrate diet and far fewer cravings and less hunger, as well.

When the physical cause of the stress-eating is corrected, the symptom we call stress-eating disappears, naturally.

When it comes to stress-eating, one-size-fits-all doesn’t work. That which triggers your stress-eating may have no impact on your friend or spouse.

Cortisol and insulin were only the tip of the iceberg. Science now knows so much more.

Feeling overpowering cravings?
         Think S.A.L.T: Are you stressed, angry, lonely, or tired?
         Your hormones, not your hunger, may be urging you to eat!

When you’ve had enough stress, your body shuts down…literally. That’s when stress-eating really takes over.

Blaming yourself for your eating or your weight can help make you fat and keep you, fat.

Stress is a three-way tug-of-war between our minds, bodies, and emotions. Stress-Eating is the body’s way of trying to pull these warring factions back into balance.

If you stress-eat when you’re happy, you might not be so happy after all.

Some of the foods you least suspect can easily trigger a full-blown stress reaction. Like a plain old can of tuna fish, for example.

There’s a reason that many stress-eaters love Chinese food. Happily, they don’t have to give it up.

For stress-eaters, a diet drink may make them gain more weight than a slice of chocolate cake!

Stress-Eaters have trigger quick, hormonal responses to stressful experiences. Stress-Resisters have no idea what it’s like to be a Stress-Responder. Unfortunately, one is often married to the other.

A Stress-Responder’s level of stress hormones can be up to 10 times greater than those of a Stress-Resister.

For stress-eaters, dieting may feel as if they are going through a type of drug withdrawal, because they are.

Being slim doesn’t protect you from stress-hormone induced health problems.

Researchers have found that avoiding desired foods, rigid restraint, and skipping meals only make stress-eating worse.

On The Stress-Eating Cure, you enjoy the foods you love every day, without weighing or measuring them. No food is off limits and you lose weight without struggle or deprivation. Sound too good to be true? It’s simply good science!


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