Different types of stress bring out different stress-eating responses in different people.

In our decade of research on stress-eating, we have identified eleven different patterns (or types) of stress-eaters.

Each Stress-Eating Pattern reflects a different hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalances result from a combination of genetic and lifestyle. Stress may not affect one person, who does not have the genetic predisposition to respond to a specific challenge. On the other hand, anxiety, physical exhaustion, social demands, foods, additives, and medications, as well as time pressures may cause a cascade of hormonal responses in those whose genetics make them more susceptible to a variety of stressful situations.

In THE STRESS-EATING CURE you will discover the the cause and cure designed specifically for :

The Frustration-Induced Stress-Eater
The Social Stress-Eater
The Self-Sacrificing Stress-Eater
The Secret Stress-Eater
The Carbohydrate-Induced Stress-Eater
The Anxiety-Induced Stress-Eater
The Task-Avoiding Stress-Eater
The Guilt-Induced Stress-Eater
The Exhaustion-Induced Stress-Eater
The Quicky Stress-Eater
The Delayed Stress-Eater

You may find that that more than one Stress-Eating Pattern seems to describe you and you're probably right on target. Stress-eaters move through different patterns throughout their lifetimes and can alternate between two or more patterns at the same time. THE STRESS-EATING CURE can help you eliminate each of your stress-eating patterns so that you can get control of your eating and your weight, for life.


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